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Music I’m looking for

Posted on: September 5, 2008

Back in early July (not August – HA!) I started this initially just to keep track of music I wanted to pick up.  Here’s the list – and whether I’ve found it or not.

  • MGMT – “Time to Pretend” / “Electric Feel” – suggested to me by my friend Steph.  I listened and they were awesome, found the album.  Pretty solid.
  • The Bees – “Octopus” – I know nothing about it beyond the fact that the album art is cool.  Don’t have it.
  • The John Henry’s – Ottawa-based band (my hometown), heard them on CBC Radio 3.  Can’t seem to find them anywhere.  I’ll try itunes, I got $10 to blow.
  • Women – “Women” – again heard on CBC R3.  Pretty sweet, I got a couple of their songs from the website.
  • Joel Plaskett Emergency – “Ashtray Rock” – I had this before my hard drive crashed, and I forgot I had it/liked it.  I recovered it.
  • Two Hours Traffic – Originally heard the PEI band from CBC R3.  Same deal, I had them before my hard drive crashed and I have yet to recover the album.
  • Micah P. Hinson & The Red Empire Orchestra – read a review of them online.  I forget where, but they sounded interesting.  I haven’t found them anywhere yet.
  • Sloan – “Parallel Play” – they released a new album totally under my radar.  I had to get this ASAP and I did.  Sweet album, will have to give it another listen though.
  • Jon-Rae Fletcher (and the River) – Heard a sweet interview and song on CBCR3.  I haven’t found anything yet from him but man is he inspiring.
  • Kinnie Star – “Canadian Bush Party” – Heard it on – surprise – CBC R3.  Sounds like a nice drinking song, haven’t found it yet.
  • Catherine MacLellan – “Church Bell Blues”.  Pointed to me while reading the Hero Hill blog, a singer from PEI.  Haven’t found her yet.

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