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August 9 / 12

Posted on: September 9, 2008

Sweet song from CBC Radio 3 Podcast #151.  It’s called “Shoulder Pads & Shiny Shoes” by A.M.  It’s really nifty.

Pretty sure I won’t find that Genesis cover any time soon, and the only way I’ll get that song by A.M. is by editing it out of the CBC3 podcast.  Which I should do tonight, why not?  Because I’m having issues with Adobe Audition, that’s why not.

Edit: if it’s on itunes I can get it there.  Still have $10 to blow.

* *

August 12

Got a great idea for a playlist and I don’t know why I didn’t geti t before.  Was listening to Rick James “Bustin Out” and the idea came to me: Funkmobile.  I don’t think I should say anymore. (Edit: haven’t worked on it yet.)


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