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iTunes 8 & Genius Playlists

Posted on: September 10, 2008

 iTunes 8 was released I guess mid-day yesterday, which saw Apple introduce two new features to the program.  The first is a new “Grid View” feature – which is nice enough to look at for the album art, but apparently can only play one song/album at a time.  Standard list view for me, thanks. 

iTunes Grid View

iTunes Grid View

The really cool feature is “Genius”.   If you’ve ever used Pandora or something similar, you’re already familiar with the idea of a playlist generated from a single song, populated with similar-sounding songs.  Well now iTunes has it.  Just let iTunes analyze your library (and if it’s as big as mine – 40 gigs at least – it might take a while.  Run it and go play outside) and you’re off to the races.
Example of Genius at work

Example of Genius at work

 I used to really take my time putting together extensive playlists for CDs, but since I got an mp3 player/ipod I’ve been a little lazy.  I like Genius because it does for me what I used to do manually.

They also added it to my ipod touch – so you can start a new “Genius playlist” on the fly.  Really handy.  While Genius tends to repeat artists (never two in a row, at least), I’ve been impressed with the list it put together for me.  I listened to one on the bus ride to work this morning and it mixed together very well.  Take a look at the list here.

I first learned about “Genius” on the Lifehacker blog.  After using the feature I can’t believe how many negative comments there are about it!  Oh well, you can’t please everyone.

Genius certainly doesn’t beat a well-thought out manual playlist but in a pinch, it’s really great (and good enough for me).

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