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(Short) Review: Catfish Haven

Posted on: September 15, 2008

I mentioned this band on Friday I think, after reading about them on Herohill.

I checked out Catfish Haven over the weekend and was qutie pleased with what I heard.  The music had a solid, “heavy” sound to it and I ended up listening to all their songs up on their myspace site.

I agree with the classification of soul music, and it’s good stuff.  Apart from the “classic” stuff I don’t listen to enough soul.  Nor do I really get any soul music, at least on a regular basis.

Check them out if you’re interested in listening to something with a sound that isn’t mainstream in the slightest.

In other news my good headphones (well, the small ones; my big headphones are still okay) are in need of a doctor.  The wires are showing near the end, and scotch tape just isn’t doing the job to keep them protected.  They still work, but I’m concerned.  I might try consulting one of the engineers at work (at the very least, borrow some electrical tape).


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