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Music That’s Popular Because It’s Popular

Posted on: September 19, 2008

My Revival Dear review is coming up later this afternoon, but a thought occurred to me yesterday after listening to Cold Play’s “Viva La Vida” for the hundredth time.

First of all, I don’t like their new song.  I don’t mind their stuff from X & Y but this new one I just don’t like.  I really don’t see why it was released as a single – maybe someone does.

But it just strikes me as a song that is popular because it’s popular.  What I mean by that is, people like it because it’s a band they like and they have a new song.  I’m not about to take away from people’s opinions if they actually do like the song – if you like it, that’s your own opinion.  It’s just that for most songs that are in the Top 40, I can see why it’s popular and I can probably enjoy it.

I just don’t like the song.  I haven’t heard the rest of the album so I have no idea if they have another song that would be more suitable to release.  Sometimes it just bugs me.


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