Steve’s Media Blog

Flashy Name Change

Posted on: September 29, 2008

So I decided that while I enjoy writing about music, I feel like there are some subjects I also enjoy writing about that I’m not able to because this is a music blog and of course you can’t write about anything but music on a music blog.

So I changed my mind.  This is now my “media” blog.  This will let me write about what I want.  I will still primarily write about music (because really, my TV is limited to 90210, Dexter, and reruns of What Not To Wear), but now I can talk about other things that don’t have a direct relation to music.

In other news, here’s yet another shameless plug for my buddy’s show on CKCU: Audio Sensory Resuscitation.  I don’t know why he picked the name, he really can’t say it on the air properly.  Nevertheless, have a listen at 2pm today – at 93.1 FM if you’re in the Ottawa area, or online at  Check out the Facebook group to talk about the show, artists, make requests, etc.


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