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Posted on: September 30, 2008

Usually, video games fly really low on my radar.  I tend not to notice them – mostly because I don’t have any fancy “Next Gen” systems.  However there are occasional games where they’re so big, I can’t help but hear/read about them.  This new game for the PS3 however, snuck up out of nowhere and blew me away with coolness.

LittleBigPlanet is hard to define because I don’t know exactly what it is; from what I understand, it’s a platform game that is highly customizable.  You can create objects that affect the gameplay with your cute little Sackboy.  To get an idea of only a BASIC part of how it works/looks, try creating a widget or wallpaper from their official site.  It’s a little trippy, though.

Anyway – it’s a lot of fun, and probably worth getting a PS3 for.  I still refuse to do so, however.  Maybe now I’ll get around to getting Katamari Damacy…


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