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“Perfect” House Party Playlist

Posted on: October 7, 2008

Mix Tapes - Funky colours

Mix Tapes - Funky colours!

Through the magic of StumbleUpon, I stumbled upon (clever, no?  I bet no one else thought of that joke.  Ever.) this playlist: “The Perfect House Party Playlist: Pre-Drunk Rock To Hip Hop“.  It’s a fairly comprehensive list of 50 tracks that does exactly as the title says: it goes from rock to hip hop (and then back to lighter fluff but I don’t think that would make as good of a title).

I appreciate well-thought out playlists – it used to be my favourite thing to do before I got lazy and just played everything I had on random.  I still make playlists occasionally and I will probably make a few more soon – but I digress.  I perused the list and while I really like some of the selections – not many people pick Beck except for Devil’s Haircut or Loser – I wouldn’t call the list “perfect”.

I think if you really want a good house party playlist, you have to mix the current pop songs in there.  I have no problems at all with including some original stuff – you have to have some unique flair to your music choices.  But you also don’t want your guests going “what the hell is this?  I don’t know it, so therefore, I cannot dance to it.”  No, ideally, you want them to hear songs they know and like to dance to, and then have them asking “Hey what’s this other song?  I’ve never heard it, but I love it!” for the non-radio pop stuff.

Really, there is nothing wrong with popular music that they play on the radio.  It is called popular for a reason: people like it.


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