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Cory Woodward & Other Items of Note

Posted on: October 22, 2008

Cory Woodward - Princess of the Skies

Cory Woodward - Princess of the Skies

One of the things I like about blogging vs hosting a radio show (and I have done both) is that I have a lot more time to cover whatever I feel like covering on the blog, and I can take my time to think it through (or in some cases not take any time at all – it’s my discretion, and it’s great!).  Another is that any mistakes I make are usually caught before publication.  All that said, I do still long for a radio show.

Anyway none of what I want to talk about really has any direct relation to the above paragraph; I was just sort of expressing an idea that popped into my head.  I did want to bring to your attention Cory Woodward, a fantastic artist based out of Vancouver (from Edmonton).  His myspace music genre is described as “Electro / Folk Rock” – and I’m glad for that, because otherwise I wouldn’t know how to classify it.

I first heard “Slipping Away” on CBC Radio 3 Podcast #173 while I was riding the bus into work.  There were a number of songs that I enjoyed on that podcast (among them, the Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir‘s “Go Back Home“), but “Slipping Away” stood out as one of my favourites.  Upon listening to it again as well as the other two tracks available on Cory’s myspace website, I still like what I hear.

His voice draws many comparisons to Bruce Springsteen or Tom Waits, but his music and lyrics compare to them as well.  His latest album is “Princess of the Skies”, which you can buy online – how convenient!  $10 at CD Baby is a pretty sweet price (and I’ve bought CDs through them before – they’re great for saving you money on shipping by letting you choose to get the CD without the jewel case).

Other notes of interest: I watched High School Musical and its sequel, Monday and last night, respectively.  I can see why they are popular.  I enjoyed comparing the first one to Grease (I haven’t seen Grease in full, but I know the gist of it), and the second one to a musical version of the Saved By The Bell season where they all got jobs at the summer club.

I love listening to CBC 3’s podcast – I’ve said it before.  The only problem is that I get behind and I’m not out of date (I only listened to September 25th this morning).  But on the flip side, it means that I just have a lot of listening I can do and not have to wait a week to get the next one.


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