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Windows Live

Posted on: October 23, 2008

Microsoft usually gets the reputation of being “the evil company” or maybe “the company that makes things that don’t work” (remember the old joke that “Microsoft Works” is an oxymoron?).  In some cases, I think the latter is probably a decent description.  Evil?  I’m not sure how it got that tag, other than maybe people are just resentful for the company having a lot of money and using it to further their company.  I think most companies do that, don’t they?



Obviously they’re not handling Vista very well – there’s a recent Apple commercial where they insinuate that they spend more money advertising Vista than they do fixing it (I have a few issues with that personally, but more the fact that Apple isn’t really doing much to advertise their own product) – but I think they’re learning from their own mistakes as well as following the lead of Internet giant Google with their recent Windows Live line of products.

Here are two things that Microsoft is doing that I like (well, three, if you count the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation):

  1. They’re offering $5,000 to launch a Windows Live Space and write about the future of Windows and Education in the year 2020.  Obviously they’re looking for you to write about how much people will be using Windows Live in schools, but whatever, you can get pretty creative with writing about 2020 regardless.
  2. Windows Live SkyDrive.  5gb of space online, for free.  That’s on top of the 5gb you already get with Hotmail (pardon me – Windows Live Mail).  You can set up a shared folder for your friends – either people in your contact list, or new contacts, or even anyone at all.  I’ve been toying around with setting up my own web server (which I may do anyway), basically to offer this kind of thing exactly to my friends, a way to share files more easily than sending email attachments.

Taking applications online is definitely the way to go, and offering free storage online – while not a new thing – will increasingly become important for any company looking to make a big splash in the future.  Microsoft is clearly headed in that direction, and I think we’ll see Windows taking on a different kind of function in the next 10-20 years as a result.

Oh and you can bet I’m entering that contest (assuming Canadians are eligible).


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