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Review: Brad Sucks – Out of It

Posted on: October 31, 2008

Brad Sucks is a one-man outfit hailing from Ottawa, Canada (my home town, yay!).  I always love hearing solid stuff from local artists, and this is nothing different.  I first heard his stuff on CBC Radio 3’s Sweatin’ To The Indies 2 podcast, and it was a terrific song to start off the show (it was “Making Me Nervous” from his album I Don’t Know What I’m Doing).  I found his music over at Jamendo and I downloaded away!

My initial thoughts were “wow, I really like this stuff!  Very upbeat, very catchy”.  As the album went on, I got a bit of a better feel for the album.  He reminds me a lot of Beck – more so his voice and the beats behind the lyrics than anything else, and I guarantee that if you play one of his songs to someone who has never heard of Brad Sucks, and doesn’t know it’s Brad Sucks, they would assume that you’re playing them a Beck song.

That’s not really such a bad thing, I suppose, especially if you like Beck.  The only downside is that some people decided to tag his music on Jamendo as “Beck” which makes no sense because “Beck” is not a music genre or style.  But I digress.

The album is short, but sweet.  Ten tracks of cool beats and in general, fun music.  I like it a lot, but would have to give it a more in-depth listen to tell you any more specifics.  To get this album you can either go to his website and buy it (recommended $10, but he allows you to set your price), or you can get it free as well.

Side notes:

– is finally offering an electronics section. has had this for a while, and they generally offer cheaper prices.  I don’t usually buy from or .ca but this is good news indeed!

– I feel really bad for this band that was denied entry into Canada (twice now!).  It reflects poorly on the country as a whole and overall the situation really sucks.


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