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Writing Passwords

Posted on: November 10, 2008

image from TheBlackTechReport

image from TheBlackTechReport

I had two websites to link to today that really didn’t fit together: a password generator and a web-based writing utility.

First up is a very useful website utility, “Perfect Passwords”.  It’s maintained by the Gibson Research Corporation (which I have never heard of, to be honest), and generates exactly that: a perfect password.  Everything is completely randomized and is, according to the website, very secure.  You can read about how the passwords are secure and notes about the application.  Check out Perfect Passwords if you need a new password (recommended for protecting your wi-fi connection).

Then there is a really great application that will be very handy for anybody who is taking part in that famous November novel writing month.  I found this through Lifehacker; it’s called Write or Die.  It’s a neat little application, designed to help you write something for which you may be on a deadline (like a novel-writing competition that ends November 30).  I haven’t tried it out yet – but apparently if you put it in Kamikaze Mode, if you stop writing for a little bit the application starts deleting your text.  I guess that would motivate you to keep writing!  You can check out Write or Die here.

Hope you all enjoyed the free song on Friday – I’ve decided I’m going to see what I can dig up this Friday.


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