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Diamonds From Tequila? Who Knew??

Posted on: November 12, 2008

Ever wonder what Mexican scientists do?  I guess I always kind of pictured them wearing sombreros and white lab coats, and doing serious experiments while testing their tolerance with tequila shots from 9-5.  I may not be far off, apparently, as Mexican scientists recently turned tequila into diamonds!  Holy crap!

Now, the article says that they’re too small for jewelry and that they would most likely be used in silicon chips and such.  Still, I don’t care – now we have the power to turn liquor into diamonds.  I think most of the world’s larger problems are certainly next in line to topple over.

In other news, a part of the media I don’t usually talk about: hockey!  Usually my team is the Ottawa Senators but I want to touch on the St. Louis Blues.  Apparently, they have a promotion called “Fannie & Freddie Mortgage Saturdays”.  Why mortgage?  Well, one lucky fan will win four months mortgage or rent paid by the Blues.  Crazy!!  But man what a promotion!  I would certainly consider buying a ticket if I knew I had the chance to have my house payments made for me.


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