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Posted on: November 24, 2008

Don’t really have a post today beyond “metablogging” but here we go anyway.  It affects you if you read this blog, so it’s probably some useful information.

I’m going to put some more structure into the blog; already I’m giving you Friday Morning Free Music every Friday, so I thought I’d add some more “special” days to the week.  To go along with Friday Morning Free Music, I’m going to make Thursdays my day for music reviews.  That’s the minimum anyway.  On Thursdays, the first thing I’ll do before anything else is review some music.  Note that it does not have to be new music but it’s new to me.

That’s all that I could put together for now, but that seems to be enough for me.  The rest of the week (Monday-Wednesday) will be a mixed bag of interesting links, media-related stories, etc. while Thursday and Friday will be devoted to music.  I like the way that works.

I’ve got a few links to talk about but I’m going to have to put those off until tomorrow.  I’m busy working at the moment (shh, don’t tell them about this blog)!


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