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Friday Morning Free Music #4: Artist Direct Network

Posted on: December 5, 2008

Wow, I logged into WordPress today and found a new design for my dashboard.  Completely forgot about the upgrade – it looks good!

Moving along, I have several free songs for you!  They’re from ARTISTdirect Network, a site I stumbled upon just this morning (I know, I should really plan out my blog a little more!).  Looks like a standard music site, and they have a whole section of free downloads.

Check out the list underneath the main ad on the right side (right now for me it’s some ad for a playboy perfume, could be something different later), or hit the Free Downloads link on the left underneath the “Overview” section.

I’m officially adding this site to my resource list; apart from the free music they’ve also got links to different streams (including Britney’s Circus album – I think that’s getting a review sometime soon!).

A quick note: I think I suggested there might be a review today since I missed it yesterday.  Going to have to renege on that as I am leaving work early today to get ready for a Christmas Party and I won’t have time between now and dinner.  Look for something on Monday.

Lastly: got an email today (for some reason, to my work email) in very big bold letters about some French artist.  I haven’t looked at her myspace but I felt I would copy the letter for you guys (edited only slightly). 


Do you know Anaïs ?

She’s a French young girl who just released her album in the US. “The Love Album” was produced by DAN THE AUTOMATOR (Gorillaz, Love Age) and is already available worldwide on Itunes.
Her first album sold 450,000 copies and was a major success in France.

The first single from her second album “I LOVE YOU” might be of great interest … feel free to take a listen here:



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