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Review: This Warm December: Brushfire Holidays Vol 1

Posted on: December 18, 2008

This Warm December

This Warm December

Christmas is next week, and I’m itching to get into the holiday spirit!  Courtesy once again of ARTISTdirect (I love this site!), I listened to a stream of This Warm December: Brushfire Holidays Vol1.  It’s not available through AD, but you can check it out at or

This is your standard collaboration Christmas album: plenty of different artists for everyone, from Jack Johnson all the way to Matt Costa.  The difference with this album is in the range of songs: there are a few instantly recognizeable songs on there, but for the most part, it looks like it’s more of a unique holiday offering.

Which is what I liked about this album: it’s different.  It’s contemporary and I think a lot of people will enjoy it for that reason alone.  Everybody hears the same Christmas music from year to year, so it’s refreshing to hear some new stuff – and I don’t just mean covers by contemporary bands every year.

This Warm December is short, but that is to be expected: Christmas songs are short.  Not a surprise here.  The album is less than an hour long so I wouldn’t make this your only music selection at a party (especially since the songs are very light and might put some people to sleep).  But if you’re like me and have a relative that puts on mostly unlistenable holiday music, you’ll be able to slip this CD in without too much notice.  It’ll fit in without being too jarring.

If you’re looking for a good holiday album, pick up This Warm December and you’ll be pretty pleased.


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