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Re-Discover The Internet

Posted on: January 8, 2009

I was browsing through the web today and came across a suggestion to plug in someone’s e-mail address into google when buying an item from them (or selling I suppose), to find out more about who they are.  I decided to throw in my e-mail addresses, and was pleasantly surprised.

I found some results that are probably more than a few years old – and some websites that I used to read all the time, but forgot about.  I’ll have to spend some time this weekend re-discovering what websites I apparently used to love – and see which ones are still running.

Try it out sometime!


1 Response to "Re-Discover The Internet"

Ahh, the self Google search. I’m always amazed to find where I’ve been. Thank you so much for dropping by my site. It’s nice to meet you! :D

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