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Posted on: January 12, 2009

(Doctorow).  I love reading Lifehacker – they always have links to some cool tidbits of information.  Today I read about how Cory Doctorow keeps writing and avoids distraction on the Internet.

And let’s face it, the Internet can be very distracting.  As eluded to in the article, you could start by searching for a small fact and end up wasting an hour finding out information on something else you didn’t even intend to look up.  Sort of like right now…I’m reading the Lifehacker article so I don’t forget what I’m writing about, but I’m distracted by the comments.

If I were writing smart, I would be ignoring the comments completely until this was done.  Anyway, this is good stuff – I will make great use of this when I start writing essays for school again this semester.  One suggestion that stands out is to use “TK” where there are any facts to look up, rather than stopping to research.  After the writing is done, do a search for “TK” and look up information as needed.

Check out the full article by Doctorow at Locus Online.

In other news, watch your debit cards, folks…mine was compromised over the weekend (though it seems like I wasn’t the only one), but the good news is that I’m not out a ton of money.  It could have been a lot worse.


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Hi Steve,
I’m a journalist with CBC, trying to get in touch with you about some research I’m doing.
Please drop me an email with your contact information.

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