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The Job Search in 2009

Posted on: January 13, 2009

Passive Dad writes about the job search in 2009, from a recently featured MSN article.  The basic idea is that one creative way to land yourself a job is to market yourself by way of starting a blog.  Not a special interest blog, but one that displays the skills you possess and lists your accomplishments.

The MSN article talks about a media strategist who landed a job by way of a personal blog, and using Twitter.  Her resumes weren’t cutting the mustard, so she chose the online route.

Both articles, at Passive Dad and MSN, suggested that this is the new way of finding a job in 2009.  I agree to a point: there are some jobs where putting yourself online and creating an online presence to market yourself is the ideal way to go.  I’m thinking media-related jobs, online jobs – basically anything that requires a significant web presence.  If you can show yourself to be web-savvy, you’re likely in.

But I don’t think that starting a personal blog and twittering about your accounting accomplishments will get you very far.  It might get you to the right people, but it won’t guarantee a job.

As always though, be wary of pictures stored online – anything really bad could come back to haunt you.  Aren’t we in a lovely digital age?


3 Responses to "The Job Search in 2009"

Thanks for the link. Do you use Twitter as well? Have you had any success with it?

I have a Twitter account, though I stopped using it quite some time ago. Partially because I was using text messages to update it, and it became a little costly. But also because I just update my status via Facebook…so I haven’t figured out how to make “proper use” of Twitter.

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