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I don’t usually talk about my side projects on this blog – I like to keep it to things related to music/media.  However my post from yesterday about searching for a job in 2009 got me thinking about a few things today.

I’m trying to get into the business of freelance writing.  There’s a lot of demand for it, and I have a contact with at least one person that is getting me some consistent work.  Well, it’s supposed to be consistent, but I haven’t hit full steam yet.  One of the other resources I’ve been told to consult is the Content Creation forum on Digital Point‘s board.

I will freely admit that I took a forum posting job that was posted, but backed out of it.  It turned out to be something opposite of what I expected, so I’m going to stick with writing articles for my freelance work.  The only problem is that I really get a sketchy feeling from Digital Point – I’m sure there are some reliable people there offering good money, but I just don’t like the feel of it.

This brings me to Twitter.  As I said, yesterday, Twitter was mentioned as a method of finding work online.  I was debating about setting up a personal blog to list my accomplishments/samples, but I’ve decided not to so far.  I’m interested in Twitter though.

How exactly does one “properly use” Twitter to get a job?  In my case, I’m just talking about networking for some freelance writing.  Are there communities you can join?  Do you just try to get as many people as possible to follow you?

If you can help, I would greatly appreciate it!


I found this from Credit Withdrawl‘s “Festival of Frugality“: How To Stock a Bar.  The link comes from the website Lazy Man And Money.  (Sorry about all the links, had to get them out).

Ignoring the fact that the site is pretty cool overall (just browsing through the articles now), this particular article is something close to my heart.  Well, close to my liver, I suppose.  Anyway, as anyone of the age of majority knows, alcohol can be pretty expensive.  If you’re mixing drinks with liquor, you really don’t need to get anything pricey – but it’s hard to know which cheap brands are actually any good.

I’m hoping that the LCBO here in Ontario has the brands that LMAM suggests buying, because he’s set out a list of what basic liquors to get and which brands are the best value.  He even suggests brewing your own beer, which is something I’d definitely like to try one day.  Especially since the LCBO decided to raise the lowest legal price from $24 to $25.60.

What’s missing though is instructions to build your own cheap bar.  That’s what I would like to do before I start trying to build a bar, or at least stocking a liquor cabinet.  I’m not good with carpentry at all, so step-by-step would be nice.  But I guess I could just stick with a liquor cabinet for now.

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