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I’m a big fan of calendars and organization.  The only problem is that other than the free planners they give you in high school / university / college, I haven’t found a decent planner that I like to use.  Well, I did find a nice Five Star planner that I like, but I need to get some refills.

But the best calendar I’ve ever used is Google Calendar.  It’s so extremely flexible, and I love the agenda format that gets e-mailed to me daily.

So here’s what I want: Google Calendar in a printable, standard-sized planner page.  But I don’t think I will get that.


I am thinking about setting up another blog seperate from this one in order to showcase my writing.  In essence, a freelance blog to sell myself.  What I need to figure out is what blog service to use; and I hope nobody from WordPress yells at me for mentioning Blogger.

To cover off the very basics, I understand that it’s a matter of where I have accounts.  I already have a WordPress account, and another blog on here (I don’t actively promote that one though).  It would be simple to start a new blog.  But I also have a google account / blogger account, so starting a blog there is trivial as well.

I particularly like the stat tracking feature on WordPress, and I know that there is a lack of such a feature on Blogger.  But Google has Google Analytics, and I’m sure you can insert that somewhere on your blog.  Plus you can do a lot with Blogger, such as monetize it, whereas you need to host your own WordPress blog to put ads on.

Does anyone have any insight as to what service is the best to use for a freelance writing site?  My expectations are as follows:

All I want is to set up separate pages; one as a landing page, another with “practice” writing for various projects that I don’t usually write, and another with some samples of work I’ve been paid for.

I’m sure both services do these things equally well, but I don’t know which is “best”.  Suggestions?  Comments?

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