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Follow-up: Fantasy Baseball

Posted on: February 18, 2009

I did some checking during lunch today and found out that Yahoo has started registrations for its fantasy baseball leagues.  I created two teams: a public league team, and a private league team.  I was going to create a private league but I didn’t think I’d get enough people interested in joining.

Usually I have a so-so track record with fantasy sports.  Either I get a great group of players and have an amazing season, or I really bomb (as evidenced by my hockey league this year…second last place.  Ouch!).  The only problem is it’s hard to determine where I go wrong.  For instance, sometimes I would bomb terribly with a hand-picked squad.  Or, I might excel with a hand-picked squad.  Or I might do really well with players I just let the software draft for me.

Well as I said, my hockey team this year bombed – I thought I had a decent squad of players.  I think part of the problem is I ignore the stats for anyone who doesn’t play for my team (Ottawa Senators), and don’t adjust – or at least I don’t do enough adjusting.  So I thought I’d use a different approach this year.

I’m still going to hand-pick my team.  However I’m going to pick for several different stats, as opposed to getting all the star players.  I figure that this way, I’ll maximize my points.  I’ll have some players who get stats everywhere, as well as key players that get stats in certain areas.  In theory it will all add up to tons of points.

So I’m going to have to do some major research.  I’m thinking I’m going to mainly find some diamonds in the rough – young players who did very well last year / are projected to do well this year.  Add some perennial performers and I should have a strong team.  After that I’ll have to pay attention to stats and make adjustments as necessary.

Wish me luck!


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