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NHL Trade Deadline Day

Posted on: March 4, 2009



Today is the NHL‘s trade deadline; for those unfamiliar with the concept, at 3PM teams are no longer allowed to make deals until the off-season (so pretty much the same as any other league). But it also means today will determine what teams are going to make a push for the playoffs and which ones are just going to bow out and just work the rest of the season as best they can without worrying about the post-season.

What’s great about trade deadline day is that Canadian media – specifically sports channels and websites – focus so much on this one event. The funny part is that a lot of it is idle chatter because deals are so far apart. Though when they do start trickling in there are often a bunch at a time, but it really is an excersize in keeping the talk flowing when there’s nothing happening.

Either way, there are some guarantees about the NHL’s trade deadline:
– All major sports websites will be slowed to a crawl, and most likely non-functional whenever a deal is announced
– The sports broadcasters certainly get a huge ratings boost on this day


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