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Just testing out the iPhone wordpress application. Works great!


There’s no denying that over the years iTunes has become more and more bloated than ever.  While I love the program as a music managing tool, it plays havoc on my system resources and I find that it doesn’t handle playing music very well as a result.

Unfortunately, as an iPod Touch owner, I’m limited to iTunes for synching my iPod.  Not anymore!  Thanks to a link I found from a blog (which apparently is just two posts long), I have discovered a possible solution for playing my music in a lighter program and synching my iPod in another.

I don’t know yet if I’ll go through with it on a long-term basis, because as I said I really enjoy itunes for music management.

I was wondering yesterday what would happen to music already purchased through iTunes: would it all be automatically changed to DRM-Free, or would you be able to re-download it without DRM, or something similar?

Apparently, you have to pay $0.30 per track to “upgrade” to DRM-free.  Lovely.  Well, I guess I’m not going to worry about it right now.

iTunes Store

iTunes Store

According to Lifehacker, this could very well be the case.  Here’s the short version:

In exchange for the DRM-free tracks, Apple will reportedly allow labels to push three tiers of pricing. Older songs from the archives will likely get cheaper than 99 cents, songs that are newer and “midline” (i.e. not big hits) will inhabit the familiar 99 cent mark, and newer, bigger hits will fetch higher, unnamed dollar amounts.

Sounds good to me; I use iTunes every now and then, and while the DRM aspect is not my biggest concern (I own an iPod Touch), it is always nice to be able to convert the files to mp3.  Also, cheaper prices is fantastic news.

No official word on this yet, and I haven’t seen anything about whether the DRM-free iTunes Store will be retro-active to previously-purchased music.

Sometimes I hate that I appear to be a sponsored supporter of Apple‘s products.  It just seems to work that way (back in my college radio days I seemed to play a lot of “free single of the week” songs from iTunes).  But how can I be blamed if I truly enjoy the products they put forth?  They’ve got a solid mp3 player in the iPod, and they operate a well-oiled marketing machine.  I respect that.  And their music store is pretty much top notch.

So of course, I also appreciate the applications they offer for the iPhone/iPod Touch.  Namely, the Remote application.  It’s free, and it’s awesome.  I finally got to play with it a little this weekend, and boy did I have fun.  It’s a very simple application, but sometimes simple applications can be the most fun.  If you’re not sure what the Remote application does, allow me to demonstrate by illustrating the following scenario:

You’re hosting a party, and all your music is trapped on your hard drive.  Your CD player only holds five CDs, so eventually you would have to be switching CDs in and out, and even then your guests might not appreciate your music choices.  What do you do?  You hook up your computer to a set of wireless speakers in your living room, and use your iPhone/iPod Touch to control your musicl ibrary with Remote.  Guests can easily pick music as well without poking around on your computer.  You can even generate Genius playlists with the latest version.

That is the power of the simple Remote application.  It’s easy to set up, and easy to use.  Just thought I’d point out a really cool (free) music-related application.

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