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Metric has a special place in my heart.  Not for any particular reason, I just like the band.  I’ve got both of their first two albums (2003’s Old World Underground, Where are you now? and 2005’s Live It Out), and I love them.  I had a chance to see them play on my birthday a few years ago but I decided to pass on it and celebrate somewhere else – big mistake, I assure you.  I still haven’t seen them live.

They’ve got a new album out April 14 called Fantasies, on the Last Gang label in Canada.  I’ve only heard one track from the album, Help, I’m Alive I thought it was a great track and really lives up to their previous work.  I’m really glad that it’s not coming out until April, because it means I can set aside money to pick it up.  There are a lot of albums I’ve skipped over but I will do my best not to skip this one.

I learned of a pre-order incentive from Chart Attack: pre-order Fantasies by March 2nd on Metric’s website and you’ll get a free mp3 copy of Help, I’m Alive.  Until then, check out their MySpace page to hear it now (it’s really great I promise).

Also check out their website for a cool, free acoustic version of Help, I’m Alive.

Here’s the track list (which is unfortunately a little on the short side but I’ll deal with it)

“Help I’m Alive”
“Sick Muse”
“Satellite Mind”
“Twilight Galaxy”
“Gold Guns Girls”
“Gimme Sympathy”
“Collect Call”
“Front Row”
“Stadium Love”


I knew it was a good idea to write this post until I got to my laptop.  I have a folder in my bookmarks labelled “music”, and while I have a good list of free resources, a lot of it is actually bands that I found with free music.  But one site on the list is a gold mine and I forgot I even had it.

It’s the Ultimate List of Free & Legal mp3 Music Downloads.  I like this list not only because it is very thorough, but for this exerpt from his mission statement (so to speak):

Although stealing music is fairly easy, it’s not as fun and fulfilling as having a legitimate library of tunes. By compiling an exhaustive list of legal alternatives, I hope it will suppress your desire to pirate music and be caught with the penalties. I personally think digital and music law needs reform, but we should be cautious of some of the illogical interpretations of the law so we don’t get into trouble. There are trillions of audio files roaming around the internet in a legal haze of lawsuits, and whether on purpose or not, I’m sure you’ve stumbled across them.

Definitely check out that site.  It is not a complete list but it is just about perfect.

Music Pirate

Music Pirate

Okay, I will admit that my title today is a bit of a dirty trick.  But it’s not entirely misleading, since I am talking about free music – as in, where to get it.  This post was precipitated by Lifehacker‘s recent blog post about how to save money by getting free mp3’s – the post itself has some good ideas at heart, but is basically promoting piracy.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that nobody is a music pirate or that I think that’s the only way to get music.  Seriously, we live in the Internet age; I’m sure everybody is a pirate, at least a little bit.

I’ve gotten a little sidetracked though.  While the Lifehacker post was essentially about finding free, mainstream music (and I don’t recommend using a google search anymore, as is pointed out in the comments, you’re more likely to get to a scam site), there are plenty more resources for finding really good free music, legally.  Oh yeah, no question, it’ll be stuff from people you’ve never heard of before.  Ask yourself though: don’t you want to be one of those people who listened to so-and-so before they were top 40?  Maybe not, but don’t you at least want some cool music that you won’t hear on the radio?

I hope your answer is yes, because otherwise the rest of my post will be a disappointment.  Obviously, one of the easiest ways is to just browse myspace.  Not everything on there is good, or downloadable, but there are plenty of good bands to be found.  Some other options that may interest you, however, I only myself found out about today through some of the comments of that Lifehacker post:

  • – this site is run by the fine folks at cnet.  Being at work I haven’t had the chance to take a good look through their collection, but it looks pretty extensive – and it even has some mainstream stuff.
  • ZW – This isn’t actually a place to download music, but has a list of places for downloading free music.  Again, I haven’t been able to look through the list/sites thoroughly, so tread carefully if you’re worried about legalities.
  • BestMP3Links – Again, another list of free resources, however this one seems to be more of the legal variety.

I’m going to do a follow-up post as I have a more extensive list of free music resources at home – I think I may have some bookmarked on but I’d still need to come back and do a follow-up.

In the meantime, check out this well-written piece about DRM driving someone to piracy (you may have read it before).

Cory Woodward - Princess of the Skies

Cory Woodward - Princess of the Skies

One of the things I like about blogging vs hosting a radio show (and I have done both) is that I have a lot more time to cover whatever I feel like covering on the blog, and I can take my time to think it through (or in some cases not take any time at all – it’s my discretion, and it’s great!).  Another is that any mistakes I make are usually caught before publication.  All that said, I do still long for a radio show.

Anyway none of what I want to talk about really has any direct relation to the above paragraph; I was just sort of expressing an idea that popped into my head.  I did want to bring to your attention Cory Woodward, a fantastic artist based out of Vancouver (from Edmonton).  His myspace music genre is described as “Electro / Folk Rock” – and I’m glad for that, because otherwise I wouldn’t know how to classify it.

I first heard “Slipping Away” on CBC Radio 3 Podcast #173 while I was riding the bus into work.  There were a number of songs that I enjoyed on that podcast (among them, the Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir‘s “Go Back Home“), but “Slipping Away” stood out as one of my favourites.  Upon listening to it again as well as the other two tracks available on Cory’s myspace website, I still like what I hear.

His voice draws many comparisons to Bruce Springsteen or Tom Waits, but his music and lyrics compare to them as well.  His latest album is “Princess of the Skies”, which you can buy online – how convenient!  $10 at CD Baby is a pretty sweet price (and I’ve bought CDs through them before – they’re great for saving you money on shipping by letting you choose to get the CD without the jewel case).

Other notes of interest: I watched High School Musical and its sequel, Monday and last night, respectively.  I can see why they are popular.  I enjoyed comparing the first one to Grease (I haven’t seen Grease in full, but I know the gist of it), and the second one to a musical version of the Saved By The Bell season where they all got jobs at the summer club.

I love listening to CBC 3’s podcast – I’ve said it before.  The only problem is that I get behind and I’m not out of date (I only listened to September 25th this morning).  But on the flip side, it means that I just have a lot of listening I can do and not have to wait a week to get the next one.

I just read this morning about Catfish Haven on Herohill.  Apparently they describe it as some good soul music.  I’ll have to check it out later today at work.  I’ll give an update later.

Sept 4

I haven’t made any progress with regards to the “Funkmobile” project – haven’t even started any work at all, actually.  That’s alright – plenty of time for that one.

Some new stuff I’ve heard though.  Hawksley Workman came out with a new album last week.  I bought it on itunes, and I was pretty damned pleased.  It’s more of a rock/alternative album than “Between the Beautifuls”, which I guess explains why he’s got a second album out within a year of the last one.

Other things: I have a long list of music floating around in my head to download (or buy, I do have that $10).  So here’s the list from what I remember:

  • Blink 182 (anything I guess)
  • Sum 41 (select songs…we’ll see)
  • Rheostatics (or is it Reostatics?  I don’t know)
  • Two Hours Traffic – “Little Jabs”

So far, that’s it.

There’s an mp3 on the “Hero Hill” blog I want to listen to.  I forget why, but it will determine, I suppose, if I want to hear more.

Oh and I just remembered I need to get Red Jumpsuit Apparatus from Mike, and look into the latest Offspring album.

* *

Sept 5

Is it a coincidence that after listening to Rae Spoon’s “Come On Forest Fire Burn The Disco Down” on Radio 3’s podcast yesterday, I’m reading a review on it today on Hero Hill?

It’s a pretty damn good song – and so were many of the tunes from R3’s Pride Podcast.  I’ll have to get a list of the tracks later.

I got a copy of the latest Offspring album, but I haven’t listened to it yet.  I’m more interested to find out about this other album I got:

“Americano: The Bluegrass Tribute to the Offspring”

I always love out-of-genre covers so I can’t wait to hear this one.  Add the fact that it’s The Offspring covered in Bluegrass and I think I found a winner.

Will post later tonight what I think of it (hint: it’s great).

Back in early July (not August – HA!) I started this initially just to keep track of music I wanted to pick up.  Here’s the list – and whether I’ve found it or not.

  • MGMT – “Time to Pretend” / “Electric Feel” – suggested to me by my friend Steph.  I listened and they were awesome, found the album.  Pretty solid.
  • The Bees – “Octopus” – I know nothing about it beyond the fact that the album art is cool.  Don’t have it.
  • The John Henry’s – Ottawa-based band (my hometown), heard them on CBC Radio 3.  Can’t seem to find them anywhere.  I’ll try itunes, I got $10 to blow.
  • Women – “Women” – again heard on CBC R3.  Pretty sweet, I got a couple of their songs from the website.
  • Joel Plaskett Emergency – “Ashtray Rock” – I had this before my hard drive crashed, and I forgot I had it/liked it.  I recovered it.
  • Two Hours Traffic – Originally heard the PEI band from CBC R3.  Same deal, I had them before my hard drive crashed and I have yet to recover the album.
  • Micah P. Hinson & The Red Empire Orchestra – read a review of them online.  I forget where, but they sounded interesting.  I haven’t found them anywhere yet.
  • Sloan – “Parallel Play” – they released a new album totally under my radar.  I had to get this ASAP and I did.  Sweet album, will have to give it another listen though.
  • Jon-Rae Fletcher (and the River) – Heard a sweet interview and song on CBCR3.  I haven’t found anything yet from him but man is he inspiring.
  • Kinnie Star – “Canadian Bush Party” – Heard it on – surprise – CBC R3.  Sounds like a nice drinking song, haven’t found it yet.
  • Catherine MacLellan – “Church Bell Blues”.  Pointed to me while reading the Hero Hill blog, a singer from PEI.  Haven’t found her yet.

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