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Bear with me – this post is largely just my train of thought on the subject of radio broadcasting and podcasting.

So the other day I co-hosted a live radio program with a friend on community radio.  It was fun – I used to host my own show in college in the radio broadcasting program (and although the music was pre-selected, it was pretty cool music and we could talk about virtually anything), as well as some university radio elsewhere.  I have a lot of fun doing it, and part of the fun is playing my own choice of music and just talking over the air to anyone who’ll listen.

I’ve been told before that I’m good at the whole talking over the air thing – and that’s great, but personally I feel that I’m at the hobby level.  I don’t think I could get paid serious money to do it, or at least paid enough to live comfortably.  And even though I enjoy commercial radio, doing a show for a proper radio station that’s in it to make money is not entirely the same as putting your own music together for an hour or two and just playing around.

For various reasons it’s difficult for me to find any time to volunteer for on air shifts at the university stations.  So my only outlet for this kind of thing is to put together a podcast.  The only problem is that I don’t think I have an audience – at least, I have an audience of maybe 2-3 people.  Which is not a big deal, I’m sure I had less listeners than that when I was actually on radio airwaves.

The biggest problem with doing a podcast is that I really only CAN distribute it to close friends, or else I face legal issues from the likes of SOCAN and RIAA or whatever the Americans are.  Unless I pick music that is 100% free, like Creative Commons stuff.

Who knows, I might end up doing just that – digging through 100%, legally free and distributable music to find some hidden gems and yak about it into my terrible, terrible microphone.


So I mentioned yesterday the website “Tragically Comic”.  Apparently, the tragedy was not that it was a pale shadow of “A Softer World” (more like a terrible knock off), but that his site is shut down.  Sometimes I enjoy 403 errors; though I would encourage the fellow behind Tragically Comic to continue in his artistic endeavours, just not as blatant rips of existing work.

403 Forbidden

403 Forbidden

On a lighter tone, I meant to bring this to everyone’s attention yesterday, however I completely forgot (and am furthering the “bad brother” label here).  My brother’s band, Capital Grass and the No Men – which is a good band, please ignore any bias – was playing last night at Toronto’s C’est What club.  I meant to tell people about that, and I forgot.  Wow I’m thick-headed.

Anyway what I thought was cool was that they streamed the show online!  Apparently they do this for all the shows, so if you can’t make it to Toronto you can still listen in online.  I think this could be something more clubs should do; sure you run the risk of people listening to free live shows but I think that point is moot since it’s hard to top the appeal of every aspect of a show – including visual.  You could probably make up any lost door revenue with ads anyway.

It’s probably not an expensive set up, and a great marketing tool.  I think the only bar in Ottawa – that I know of – that comes close to streaming live is the Live Lounge, where I believe they record every show and provide the bands with a CD.  I could be wrong but I hope I’m not, that is really a sweet deal.

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