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I just released Episode #1 for Alternative Airwaves. I’m also going to focus a lot of my blogging on there now, but will still post here occasionally.

The podcast is just something I want to do more strongly than posting on this one.

Thanks for reading! You can get Alternative Airwaves from


I decided I’m going to do a podcast, based entirely on music freely available to download, re-distribute, and re-use in any format. Primarily I’ll be using Jamendo ( but I’ll have to expand my sources further as well.

Working on the first show right now, picking the music. Not sure when it will be done, though.

So I don’t have free music today, BUT I do have a free 50-page PDF that is worth a read-through.  Here it is:

Free 50-Page Book from The Simple Dollar

No, I don’t have any jokes for anybody.  But I just wanted to talk about the apparent tradition of media outlets pranking the unsuspecting public.  I’m not really a big fan of it – well, that’s partially true.

I did get a kick out of a local radio morning show trying to suggest that a new bylaw would enforce bicycle licenses and various other things related with biking.  Some callers bought it and I got a laugh out of that.  I like the stories that are ridiculous enough to sound true, but you know they’re really not.  Although, in a city as crazy as Ottawa, sometimes it’s just downright hard to tell.

But that’s radio – there’s immediacy to it, and the DJs can say “April Fool’s!  All a joke!”  But try that in a newspaper…not as easy.  Unless you’re clever and able to somehow hide the words “April Fools” in the body of the article, it can be hard to tell what’s a joke and what’s not.  Especially if it’s believable.

I don’t know – I guess I just don’t like the idea of a reliable news source pulling a prank.  There are going to be plenty of other people playing jokes.

A lot of people are bashing Facebook for “fixing what ain’t broke” (or even less verbose versions of the same thing).  In short, Facebook took what was working perfectly fine and fine-tuned it into a format that more closely resembles Twitter.  At first, I didn’t like the new Facebook changes either – but I didn’t really speak out against it, I sort of just quietly complained and just went about to continue using it.

Facebook definitely is a lot more like Twitter than it used to be – even though Twitter is just Facebook’s status updates without the convoluted mess (i.e. applications, quizzes, notes, etc. etc.).  Twitter is seen by many as very popular, but not something that will last.  I disagree, but my thoughts on Twitter are destined for another post.  There are big problems with Facebook becoming Twitter-like, however.

The biggest problem is that Facebook is way too complicated.  There are too many different features to Facebook to try and reduce it to a single news feed.  On the surface, this is what they’ve done – but if you dig a little deeper, you can filter out news feeds for different items and see only what you want to see.  For instance, if I just want to read people’s notes, I click on “notes” – but by default, my news feed doesn’t show them unless I’ve been tagged in it.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized this change makes sense – for Facebook, that is.  I’m no genius web marketer, but this change strikes me as being designed with the thought of getting people to spend more time on the website.  From what little I know about web marketing, time spent on a website is a pretty important number for selling ads.

Even the amount of people complaining about the new design has dropped off since the initial change.  I just see people posting things the way they used to, and not worrying too much about the change in design.  This is what happened with the last Facebook change – people complained about it, but ultimately forgot that there was anything wrong and got used to the new design.

I really don’t see Facebook reverting to its previous design at all.

Just thought I’d get this out here quickly. In less than thirty minutes, Microsoft will be releasing Internet Explorer 8 (final). Here are the details:

Gizmodo has a live blog covering the iPhone 3.0 software announcement.  I’m not really a big fan of live blogging so I’m going to check out the summary of the details later.  So far though, push notification and a new way of charging for applications seems to be the biggest change.

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