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U.S. Election Day

Posted on: November 4, 2008



So being a media blog I felt that I should write about the election south of the border.  Honestly, I have not been following it very intensely – I just know that Obama and McCain are running against each other and that Joe Biden is a funny name (to me).  But some interesting things have come out of this election that I’ve noticed do NOT happen in Canada.

For instance, to get people to vote, several companies are offering free stuff!  I think this is also the only time international websites change up their logos/appearance to encourage people to vote.  I know that Facebook is an American-based company, but do they show a “go vote” logo when England holds their elections?  I doubt it – and I’m sure I never saw anything for Canada’s election.

Oh I’m not complaining that the US gets major coverage around the globe; with the influence they have on the world it should be expected.  I just found it curious.

Other notes of interest: apparently one of the blogs I follow, Cover Lay Down, is having issues with Blogger.  To sum up, despite having explicit permission from a music label representative to provide mp3s of various cover songs, Blogger decided to remove his posts without notice.  That irks me a little; does this mean that in order to prevent Blogger from removing, for example, a music blog post, that you need to demonstrate that you have permission to post it?

Unless you haven’t stumbled across any kind of internet message board where this is mentioned in the last 10 years, November is National Novel Writing Month – more affectionately known as NaNoWriMo.  Occasionally I have tried to complete the challenge and just never got around to it, but lately I just ignore the terrible short-form name and try correct people when they don’t see the point of the challenge when most likely terrible novels are the result.  The point, of course, is to get people writing.  Their theory is that even if you write something terrible, it will get you writing and on a roll so that you continue to work on better projects.  A noble goal, I just don’t have the will to ever complete it.


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