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I’m really loving baseball this year.  I’m not really following any teams other than the Blue Jays, but I’m keeping a general eye open at the standings because of my fantasy team.  I didn’t end up hand-picking any players for the automatic draft in my league, and I wound up with some players I never heard of before.

I still haven’t heard of most of them before, but after a really slow start (I was second last after the first week), I made some tweaks to my line-up and I’ve put together a real good powerhouse.  I’ve moved up to third place now with only 4 games back – so I have to say it’s working well.  Here’s my roster:

C – Rod Barajas (Toronto), Jorge Posada (NYY, DL) – Will need to make a decision re: Barajas vs Posada, but I have some time while he’s on the DL

1B – Derrek Lee (ChC), Carlos Pena (TB) – I usually start Lee, but I like having the option of starting Pena.  Both are good players.

2B – Kelly Johnson (Atl), Ian Kinsler (Tex), Brian Roberts (BAL) – Kinsler is my go-to second baseman.  Awesome stats this year.  Roberts is in there as an extra IF, he’s good for stolen bases.

3B – Russell Martin (LAD) – No idea who this guy is, but he’s my third-baseman.  Doubles also as a catcher!

SS – Derek Jeter (NYY) – Need I say anything about Jeter?

LF – Carlos Quentin (CWS), Carlos Lee (Hou), Ryan Braun – Quentin is usually the one slotted in there, though Lee gets a few games.  Love my Carlos LF team.  Braun is in the OF slot.

CF – Nate McLouth (PIT) – I like the guy’s name.  Rolls off the tongue.  He’s also a terriffic player.

RF – Jayson Werth (Phi), Milton Bradley (Chc) – Werth is usually slotted in there, but the great thing about Werth is that Yahoo lets me put him at any OF position.

Starting Pitchers – Josh Beckett (Bos), Yovani Gallardo (Mil), Jarrod Washburn (Sea), Ubaldo Jimenez (Col), Roy Halladay (Tor), Ricky Romero (Tor, DL) – Not sure if I’m going to end up keeping Romero when he’s off the DL, because I don’t know how many games he’ll get with the way the Jays staff is pitching.  But the rest of my staff is pretty solid!

Relief Pitchers – Mike Gonzalez (Atl), Huston Street (Col), Joe Nathan (Min), Brian Fuentes (LAA) – My relief pitchers are okay, they give me the bulk of my pitching stats since not all of my starters pitch every week.

So yeah, with that team I’ve clawed my way back from the bottom of the standings to #3.  I have a good feeling about this year!


Okay, so label me an idiot, please.  I barely just finished going through the “A’s” on the SXSW torrents – there’s no way I’m listening through all of this music in a timely manner and picking out favourites.  Thus far, the two I can think of off the top of my head (because the ipod touch doesn’t have a decent way of checking song ratings without playing the song first…thanks apple!), The Arkells “Oh, The Boss is Coming!” and Arts the Beatdoctor.  Well I don’t know the song from him but it’s fun.

There are a lot of songs that I haven’t listened to yet, but I strongly encourage you to check them out.  I think I’m going to have to actually look at the list of artists and make decisions based on what other people have said about them.

6 gigs of music is a lot :(

I did some checking during lunch today and found out that Yahoo has started registrations for its fantasy baseball leagues.  I created two teams: a public league team, and a private league team.  I was going to create a private league but I didn’t think I’d get enough people interested in joining.

Usually I have a so-so track record with fantasy sports.  Either I get a great group of players and have an amazing season, or I really bomb (as evidenced by my hockey league this year…second last place.  Ouch!).  The only problem is it’s hard to determine where I go wrong.  For instance, sometimes I would bomb terribly with a hand-picked squad.  Or, I might excel with a hand-picked squad.  Or I might do really well with players I just let the software draft for me.

Well as I said, my hockey team this year bombed – I thought I had a decent squad of players.  I think part of the problem is I ignore the stats for anyone who doesn’t play for my team (Ottawa Senators), and don’t adjust – or at least I don’t do enough adjusting.  So I thought I’d use a different approach this year.

I’m still going to hand-pick my team.  However I’m going to pick for several different stats, as opposed to getting all the star players.  I figure that this way, I’ll maximize my points.  I’ll have some players who get stats everywhere, as well as key players that get stats in certain areas.  In theory it will all add up to tons of points.

So I’m going to have to do some major research.  I’m thinking I’m going to mainly find some diamonds in the rough – young players who did very well last year / are projected to do well this year.  Add some perennial performers and I should have a strong team.  After that I’ll have to pay attention to stats and make adjustments as necessary.

Wish me luck!

I was wondering yesterday what would happen to music already purchased through iTunes: would it all be automatically changed to DRM-Free, or would you be able to re-download it without DRM, or something similar?

Apparently, you have to pay $0.30 per track to “upgrade” to DRM-free.  Lovely.  Well, I guess I’m not going to worry about it right now.

Well after some doing, I came to an agreement with the disgruntled buyer.  She’ll remove the non-receipt dispute once I refund the shipping costs.  *phew* that’s over and done with (or will be soon).

Anyway that’s all I really had for today.  It’s really snowing out there!

I knew it was a good idea to write this post until I got to my laptop.  I have a folder in my bookmarks labelled “music”, and while I have a good list of free resources, a lot of it is actually bands that I found with free music.  But one site on the list is a gold mine and I forgot I even had it.

It’s the Ultimate List of Free & Legal mp3 Music Downloads.  I like this list not only because it is very thorough, but for this exerpt from his mission statement (so to speak):

Although stealing music is fairly easy, it’s not as fun and fulfilling as having a legitimate library of tunes. By compiling an exhaustive list of legal alternatives, I hope it will suppress your desire to pirate music and be caught with the penalties. I personally think digital and music law needs reform, but we should be cautious of some of the illogical interpretations of the law so we don’t get into trouble. There are trillions of audio files roaming around the internet in a legal haze of lawsuits, and whether on purpose or not, I’m sure you’ve stumbled across them.

Definitely check out that site.  It is not a complete list but it is just about perfect.

Man do I ever wish I uploaded the word doc I wrote yesterday, yesterday.  Otherwise I can’t with absolute certainty claim that I thought of this before I heard of it being announced: Microsoft Office Heads Online with Next Release.  Still, here it is: education2020

Anyway, it looks like it’s not going to be completely online, in that they are still offering the offline program with online components.

I guess my point is – yay, I was right!

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